“FUN WITH RIBBONS” – More Videos on Ribbons & Bows Than You’ve EVER Seen!

It has a very busy and fun week for Nancy, Stephanie, Kim, Amanda, and Linda here at LadybugWreaths!  It’s been busy because we’ve been filming videos, and it’s also been fun because we’ve been filming videos… 🙂 I LOVE covering my shop and my work counter with rolls, and rolls, and rolls of ribbons! The […]

NEW “Deco Mesh” Wreath Video

 New “Deco Mesh” Wreath Video Filmed by Nancy! Deco Mesh is the newest, trendiest, most exciting product which has hit the Floral World since 1989 when macrame came on the scene! EVERYONE wants to learn how to make a full, bold, bright and beautiful DECO MESH wreath! You want them for Fall — you want […]

Want a FREE Video? Pumpkin Basket Table Centerpiece…

  Want a FREE Video? Pumpkin Basket Table Centerpiece   Learn to Make This Wonderful Pumpkin Basket for Fall and Thanksgiving! It is SO Easy!   CLICK HERE TO BE ABLE TO VIEW THIS FREE VIDEO! YES, YOU CAN MAKE A WONDERFUL FALL, PUMPKIN BASKET JUST LIKE THIS ONE! Use it on your table, on […]

Pumpkins & Gourds…Fall is My Favorite Time of Year

Pumpkins & Gourds…Fall is My Favorite Time of Year!   I REALLY DO LOVE FALL! Pumpkins & Gourds… Ohhh… the Colors!! My Goal Today is to Make This Beautiful Basket Like You See Above! Do you love fall and autumn the way I do?  Well, this time of year just REALLY makes me feel good!  […]

Save Money With Revision 4 of “Secret Vendor List”

Save Money With Revision 4 of “Secret Vendor List”!   New “Secret Vendor List” Update!   SECRET VENDOR LIST “TEASER VIDEO”   Purchase This AMAZINGLY POPULAR Downloadable e-Book “Secret Vendor List” Revision 4 for Only $167.00  

Overcoming Obstacles & Obtaining Success:

“Inspirational Success Stories…” by,  Jim Cockrum…   Linda and I had a surprise yesterday!  Jim Cockrum, author of (101FreeMarketing.com), sent out his weekly newsletter which reaches over 100,000 people.  The subject:   “Inspirational Success Stories, Lost Bets, and Great Biz Ideas For You…”  There is a section in Jim’s newsletter about my business.  I believe this […]

Having a Yard Sale?

 Can YOU Really Make Over $1,000? Yes you definitely CAN make over $1,000! I’ll tell you how I did it… Being an artist, a crafter, a designer, and a lover of eclectic antique “treasures”, you can imagine what I must bring home.  Well…maybe you can’t imagine after all, lol! I am certainly not what you […]

My Christmas Gift For You…

I wanted to do something very special for YOU, my faithful friends and customers during this holiday season…so, yesterday I filmed this video. In it, I show you how you can make an absolutely beautiful wreath with very little money and time invested! Actually, you can go to your local hobby store, just as I did for this wreath, to buy your supplies! Have lots of fun making your wreath and decorating your home. Enjoy your family as we celebrate this most wonderful season!

How to Make a Wreath: Find Your Own Style…

 How to Make a Wreath, Find Your Own Style   I am always thinking about how to help my customers learn to “how to make a wreath” as easily as possible.  I now only want to tell you how, but I need to show you too!  With my instructional how-to DVDs, my main goal in […]