Thank You God…That I am Tired

  "Thank You God" By, Nancy Alexander That I Am Tired…     Where Do I Start? I'll start where every good thing in our lives comes from — God.   Knowing that I can and do get up every single morning and put on the "full armor of God" fills me with such security and […]

Life is Wonderfully Exciting and Busy

  "Life is Wonderfully Exciting" By, Nancy Alexander The Alexander Family has  New Addition!..     I must start this post with a picture of our newest addition to the Alexander family!  Wyatt Thomas Alexander was born August 7th!  He is so precious and absolutely PERFECT!  This makes our fourth.  I have always heard that being a […]

First to Expose A Floral Supplier/Vendor List

  "I'm the First" By, Nancy Alexander To Expose A Floral Supplier/Vendor List…     Today, I am soooo excited about my new book!  I literally have been working on this for almost two (2) years!  Yes, that's what I said.  Well, you know…life happens…we get a little behind…new thoughts take the place of old […]

Dare I, Should I, Well I Did..

Dare I, Should I?   Well… Yes, I Did.. I suppose by now that everyone who reads my blog, and shops on my website has seen all of the new videos which we’ve produced in the last year.  Well, it’s a lot…. ten in all…. I really cannot believe we have ten very good videos on floral […]

Buying Trip to Atlanta

Yesterday morning, Thursday, my hubby and I left at 7:30 to go to one of my suppliers near Atlanta.  I needed to buy fall ribbons and flowers.  Oh, and yes… I needed to go ahead and purchase Christmas.  Isn’t it awful to think that I have to purchase Christmas so early.  But I do have […]