Twig Tips

My wreath-making expertise was gained in bits and pieces, kinda like twigs. I’ve offered those tidbits to you in the same way: in bits and pieces. So… My twig tip for today is…. Honeysuckle. Why are our wreath designs so unique, gorgeous and long-lasting? We spell it h-o-n-e-y-s-u-c-k-l-e! It gives our creations that wild, woodsy and natural look […]

History of Door Wreaths

During Special Occasions, and Holidays, We all Think about Wreaths for our Doors.   There are wreaths for front doors, wreaths for back doors, large wreaths, small wreaths, and wreaths of different shapes.  Not only are they beautiful on your front and back doors, but they add so much to the inside of your home […]

The Beauty in Nature Inspires Hope…

The Beauty in Nature Inspires Hope   How do YOU Keep Going When You’re Physically Down?  There is HOPE, because the Beauty in Nature Inspires Hope! Today as I was going through several subjects that customers request I talk about, I found one that kept coming up over and over again.  Actually, it has been […]