You Don’t Have to be Alone in Your Business

Are You Alone in Your Business? I certainly was for many, many years. It is SO much more fun when you have help! Most ‘creativepreneurs’ try to run and grow their online business all alone. That’s what I was trying to do when I began!  I certainly understand what it feels like to want to […]

Quick Tips From The Inner Circle

How Do I Go About Pricing My Wreath, Floral or Other Handmade Craft? The Inner Circle There is one question I am asked about all the time… PRICING!! This is one that everyone who sells handmade items need to know and understand. On the surface, this would seem to be an easy question to answer. […]

I Would LOVE for You To Join us in Best of Nancy!

Are you a member of our Community Best of Nancy? We have been posting a lot of information in this new year about how to grow a profitable business. Just yesterday we discussed how important it is to grow an email list when you begin your business – or have an existing one that you […]

Big Announcement Today

Because YOU Matter SO Much to us HERE at ladybug Wreaths; We Have Lowered the Price of Our Exclusive Community “Best of Nancy” Yes… you did hear me right!! It now costs so much less to join Best of Nancy – you won’t believe it! I  built my reputation selling wreaths online based upon my […]

Join Me Today – Become a “Dreamer”

Take Advantage of an Opportunity That Can Change Your Life Forever! Most of us, as Artisans, have an engrained entrepreneurial spirit eating away. In the beginning, sometimes, we dare to let our minds go to a place of success, as we dream of starting and growing an Internet business. Those thoughts come and go, but […]

Summer Workshops at Ladybug Wreaths Studio – Amazing

 Highlighting Wendy Shields, a VIP Private Coaching Student My VIP, Private, and group workshops this summer have been totally amazing!  I have formed friendships with ladies which will NEVER be forgotten. As each day of learning wreath design, bow-making, laughter, fun & smiles ends, my heart is always filled to overflowing.  I watch ladies who […]

Best of Nancy Did What?

Lowering Fees For Membership in Our Community! Yes, you heard me right!  It now costs less to become a member of the "Best of Nancy" Community!   This day in time prices are going up every day. On the personal side:  The cost of living is outrageous as gas prices, grocery prices, and more go […]