Can I Really Use Facebook to Promote My Business?

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 Use Facebook to Promote Your Business!


I have been asked that question many times. And, I receive comments like: “Facebook is a social site for young people; I just don’t want to share my personal or business information with them…”

Do you have your own Facebook Page, or just a personal Facebook? There is a huge difference…believe me!   Below, you’ll find my latest article about Facebook for the WOBC Online Magazine:


A Facebook Page CAN reach thousands of potential customers for your business. It CAN increase your sales considerably, and it CAN brand your name as well as your business name.

I set up my Facebook Page in April of 2011. I’ll never forget how long it took me to reach 20 likes (I now have 7,418). At that time, I really didn’t understand Facebook, and I also didn’t know how to use it to promote me. I certainly have learned a lot since then.

I started noticing that when I added personal information like pictures, details concerning vacations, or our grandchildren, I started getting lots of comments. I noticed that pictures with text in a post received more comments, and were shared.

So, I started posting pictures of things I loved, such as old doors, flowers, birds, gardens, and of course, wreaths that I had made. Yours will be different as you post about things that mean something to you. You will then begin to have a following of like-minded, potential customers and students as well.

It is important that you’re careful that your FB page doesn’t sound like a sales page. You don’t want to scare potential customers away. Mix sales, specials, and contests in with personal information, and you’ll be surprised at the overwhelming response you’ll receive when a post goes viral reaching news feeds of people who have never heard of you.

Guess what was happening during this process? People (mostly ladies) started to know, like and trust me! Have you heard the importance of that before?

Find out who your ideal audience is on FB. What specific content will engage them?

You need to understand a good FB post, and how the way you word it is important for your success. Short posts are usually best. Posts which ask for a like or a comment in a subtle way are normally successful.

FB advertising has paid off for me. I now do it quite often, but am always very careful keeping an eye on it daily. I have been trained by coaches in the correct way to run an ad to minimize my fees, as well as maximizing customer response.

I now spend from 1 to 2 hours per day on FB, because I know how important it is for my business. Get busy and improve YOUR “bottom line”! – WOBC Member Contributor

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