Bows, Bows, Bows, & More Bows…My FREE Video Gift Just For YOU!

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Bows, Bows, Bows, & More Bows…
My FREE Video Gift Just For YOU!


I’m Getting Ready for Christmas… Are You?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 6 days away!  Maybe you have already started decorating for Christmas (on the inside of your home anyway), as others of you will be decorating the day or days right after Thanksgiving.  Kim, my friend, and a very talented designer who works for me, already has the inside of her house decorated, and the morning after Thanksgiving she is “chomping at the bit” to run outside with wreaths and garlands for doors, windows, and lamp posts!  She does this every year!

I wish I was as organized with my own personal Christmas decorating as I am at helping each of you.  But, I’m afraid there is never time for me to start early.  I guarantee you that Kim will come to work Monday morning (with a bee in her bonnet — as my grandmother used to say), wanting to get my tree out and begin decorating.  That is fine with me!  It is much faster with her help than doing it myself — lol!  So, I’ll be waiting for you Kim!  Early!  Say about 6 a.m.?  Well, I don’t think 6 a.m. will happen, but we’ll be decorating when she comes flying in the driveway after having run 10 errands on her way to my house.

As I have been thinking about all I have to do in order to decorate my home, I remembered that my bows are TERRIBLE!  I should have replaced them last year, but I was busy making wreaths, writing books, and filming videos for you.  So, this is the year that ALL my bows have to be replaced.


You’ll NEVER Guess What I Did for YOU Today?

Knowing that you would probably be decorating this weekend,
I filmed a “Refresher” Video on Making Bows!


Bows, Bows, Bows, & More Bows

This thirty minute video will refresh your memory a little about how to make beautiful bows for all of your Christmas decorating.  I certainly hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed filming it for you!




Isn’t That Enough”  NO…Absolutely NOT!
For Twenty-Four (No, Forty-Eight) Hours Only…

My Christmas Wreaths and the Wreaths of a Talented Student,
Susan Ferko, of “Hung Up On Wreaths” Will be 20% Off!


You Can View Our Brand New Collections of Christmas Wreaths by Clicking on the Links Below to Both of Our Etsy Stores.  Browse Our Many Beautiful Christmas Wreaths, and Purchase Them at 20% off for the Next 24 Hours!  (NOW FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS!)   Sale ends Sunday, Nov. 18th,  at 6 p.m.



As You’re Decorating, Don’t Forget All of My Brand New,
Reasonably Priced Downloadable Videos on Christmas Wreath Design!


These are only $29.97 each and Include Deco Mesh, Ribbons Galore, and Williamsburg Style Filled With Lots of Fruit!



Wouldn’t you love to design a beautiful wreath like the one above:  “Deco Mesh Christmas”.  Well, you can with this brand new downloadable video.


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  1. Nancy, i just love you! You’re just too cute …I’ve made several wreaths using the honeysuckle and love it….I’ve made several deco mesh wreaths using some of your ideas ….thanks so much for being willing to share with us. Happy Thanksgiving

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