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“How to Make a Valentine Wreath,
(or) a Heart Shaped Wreath”

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the pinks and reds in flowers, in candy, and in greeting cards! The hugs, and kisses from “that special someone” make it a day that will “Tickle Your Fancy”.

I know you would love to welcome your guests to your home during this fun holiday with a wreath as beautiful as this one, right? Well, I have a secret!!**** I KNOW that you can! I know that you can make a wreath like this pretty heart shaped one, because I am going to teach you how.

The best part is that it is not hard. I show you step-by-step each thing you should do in order to end up with an amazing wreath on your door. We don’t have much time, so let’s get started…. “I Know YOU Can Do It”!!

The GREAT thing about this video is you can use it to make a hart shaped wreath for any time of year! I love heart-shaped wreaths in the bathroom! Oh, and what about in a baby’s room, or a little girl’s room. This instructional video IS NOT just for Valentine’s Day!

Take a look at this short clip below to see what you will learn…


“Be My Valentine”

  • Shows you close-up pictures along with step-by-step instructions as I make a beautiful “Valentine”, heart-shaped wreath from a round wild birch wreath.
  • I explain how to add loops of freshly harvested honeysuckle
  • You will learn how to make your own bird’s nest out of green sheet moss and nestle your little bird right in
  • I show you how to make a beautiful bow, as well as how to anchor a wooden heart into your wreath
  • You can purchase the entire video below. It is over an hour long!

This is a digital – downloadable video which will be available to you immediately!  The information you receive in this video is filled with my “very best” secrets and ideas.

Since I want this video to be accessible to you immediately, you can purchase, and then view…
No figuring out how to download it to a slow computer
No trying to put a huge file on a computer that is already full
No trying to download, if you still have dial-up (yes, some do)
And, I did not want you to have to order a DVD, and then wait to receive it

Purchase Below for $29.97

This seventy minute video is selling for the low price of $29.97. We have made this process for purchasing and viewing my videos much simpler for you and for us! That is why we are able to sell this high-quality, detailed, over an hour long video at this price.

I want this, as well as all of my videos to be affordable for everyone who wants one. Believe me, the comments you will receive from friends and neighbors when they see this wreath will bring a smile!

Have fun learning to make this very sweet and very special wreath. Let me know how yours turns out by commenting in the section below.


Purchase Below for $29.97

These very simple steps will help you purchase this amazing video:
Click on the “Add to Cart” button Immediately after your purchase, you will be sent to a page where you will find “your” link for “Be My Valentine”
Then… Voila! You can click on the link to view your video immediately.
You will be watching and learning just moments after your purchase.
This link is yours only – not to be shared or given away
It is available to you at anytime from any computer. Now… How neat is that?

Just Remember… I KNOW You can do it!

Smiles… Nancy

2 Responses

  1. I have a hard time using mesh. I have the small roll and the long toll. It looks easy when you do it , but I need some help. I love making wreaths and I consider myself very creative, way far less then you. You are terrific. I would love to watch you make a deco mesh wreath.

    1. Carol, Thanks for your feedback! Nancy did do a video series on how to make a deco mesh spring wreath.
      You can learn more here:

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