Arts & Crafts vs. Artisans… Is There a Difference?

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Arts & Crafts vs. Artisans… Is There a Difference?


Note From Nancy


This Caught my Eye…So Beautiful, Don’t You Think?

It has been such a busy week around the Alexander household.  Steve and I have been working very hard on many things – but mostly our business and the new direction it will be going in…you’ll find out about that soon…:)

You know how when one thing goes wrong, you think… golly, what else is going to happen?  Well, first Steve’s computer went out and took days longer to fix than expected.  Next it was my computer.  Now everyone we know understands what a disaster it is around our home when ‘my’ computer goes out.  I don’t even let anyone get on my computer — I can’t take a chance.  There are others that can be used around here… lol! It is now fixed, and I am happy!

But that wasn’t enough… yes, you guessed it, our server went out also — but that still wasn’t all!  On top of the three computers, we also had to replace my web cam, and our printer.  Please, please… let that be all!  There isn’t much left.

We were very blessed to have our very experienced “computer guy” to fix them all.  New parts were ordered and now EVERYTHING (dare I even say it?) is working.

Unfortunately, this newsletter is going out a little late as well as the Secret Vendor List update  because of all the technical problems we’ve experienced.  We’re working very hard to catch up.

A huge shipment of “wild birch” wreaths and honeysuckle vine rolls was delivered this week.  These were already paid for, so they have been boxed up and are ready to be sent out!

NOTE:  The young woman who makes my wreaths will only make ONE more trip before Christmas.  I don’t know if you remember or not, but she has to drive 9 hours each way to deliver a truck-load.  So… if you want any wreaths for your fall or Christmas designs, please order them right away.

Your order will be added to my list as soon as payment has been made, so after you let me know what you want, I will send you an invoice through PayPal.  When that transaction is complete, I’ll add it to my order.  Twila thinks she will be back around the end of September or the first week or two in October, but no more until after the first of next year!  Sorry I can’t give you a more definite date — what she does greatly depends on the weather.


Arts & Crafts vs. Artisans… Is There a Difference?


Nancy Alexander & Linda Joseph…
Best Friends, Partners & Amazing Plans…
“The Best is Yet to Come”

Linda Joseph and I have amazing plans to expand our business to meet the needs of not only floral and wreath designers, but all “artisans” as well!

An artisan or craftsman is a skilled worker/designer who makes items that may be functional or strictly decorative.  These items may include furniture, clothing, jewelry, and so much more — I could never list them all for you.  All you have to do is browse on to see the multitude of products and designs offered by very talented artists in the marketplace today.

These “artisan” designs and products are continually growing, evolving, and changing as each artist reaches for their own goal, while expanding their own creative expressions.  I know from my experience in making wreaths, that while I am making one wreath, ideas for other types, styles, and designs flood my mind.  And I also know, full well, that there are always more ideas filling my head than I’ll ever have time to explore and follow through on.

Do you go to craft shows?  Do you see the difference in what is offered now versus 25 or 30 years ago?  These men and women have evolved, morphed, and changed.  They have become true artisans.  They are no longer just crafters who displayed their wares at the first “arts & crafts” shows which appeared in the 80’s.  I know — I was there!  I would truly be embarrassed now to show you what I made and sold at the first craft shows I attended.

So many artists are selling online from Facebook pages, from Pinterest, and from Etsy.  They are blessed with many amazing talents and have had experiences which helped make them who they are.

The products in years past cannot begin to compare with the skills, designs, and the quality of the products being offered today.  And, the amazing part is that these skills will continue to evolve and change right before our eyes.

This is one of the reasons that will now expand our venue and efforts to work with “artisans” from all areas.  We don’t want to limit our training and expertise to floral & wreath designers only.



Many of You Are Getting to Know Amanda

I mentioned in the last newsletter that Ladybug Wreaths has a new assistant, and her name is Amanda.  She is such a great help already!  Image She is so efficient — giving me more time to ‘create’ for you!

As we talked about before, one drawback in having a successful business is not being able to personally talk with each of you and personally answer each email from you.  This is where Amanda comes in.  She is kind.  She is efficient, and very caring — you will LOVE her!

Now, I LOVE hearing stories of your successes and your accomplishments, and I do still want you to send them.  I will see each and every one.  But if a reply is needed, this is where Amanda comes in.  She will consult with me and respond back to you when necessary.

I do want you to know that “you” mean so very much and I still want to encourage you as I keep up with all of your accomplishments.  I want to cheer you on when your dreams come true.  This is just as exciting for me as it is for you!

But, please understand that although I may not respond back personally, I am cheering you on and sharing your joy in my heart when I hear back from you that I have, in some way, made a difference in your life.

Please be patient as we work through our growing pains, and as we are making these changes in our business.  Even though we have worked out the process, there could be hiccups.

PS:  If you are in, don’t worry.  You will still have personal access to me as I will be in the forum to instruct, and to answer your questions.



Nancy Recommends


Row after Row after Row of beautiful Deco Mesh; GREAT Prices!

I do know you are anxious to receive the videos in this Fourth Revision, as I have heard from many of you.  They will be available very soon!  I will send a newsletter out as soon as they are ready.

Many ladies have been purchasing the “Secret Vendor List” ahead of time, so you’ll automatically receive the revision the day it is released. Purchase “Secret Vendor List” .  The price is $167.00 for the entire book, including all revisions.  As in the last revision, you will receive a set of downloadable videos showing you items and prices.  This seems to be the most popular way to get this information to you — it is so visual and informative.

We were very lucky this time to be accompanied by one of the owners at this “Secret Vendor” location. He really talks about their items, pricing, and most popular styles and colors for the season.  You Certainly DO NOT want to miss this update!

And… I will be showing you the largest selection of DECO MESH that I have ever seen, at the best prices I have ever seen!



New Fall Wreaths Available For Purchase Soon!

NEW FALL WREATHS @ Ladybug Wreaths
Above you will see pictures of a few of my fall wreaths that I will be listing in my Etsy store in the next few days — with many more are on the way.

They are beautiful and reasonably priced, so make sure to take a peek!  I hope to get them all listed at least by Monday!

My Etsy store address is:



Comments From Faithful Followers:

Nancy, It has been such a blessing to read your testimony and visit your site.  I am preparing to sell my crafts via an etsy site and praying for http://www.LadybugWreaths.comcourage to branch out.  May God Bless You!  ~Judy~

Nancy, Yes, I know I can do it, and look forward to Fridays for your encouragement!  Many changes are going on in my life right now, and this is a relaxing time for me to create.  Thank you many times over for your support.  This week’s newsletter hit the spot for me.  You are such a blessing!  ~Elaine~

Nancy, Am so excited to be getting the next installment of “The Secret Vendor List”.  I know as soon as it arrives, I will check it out.  Always well done and over the top information.  Thanks!  ~Anita~

Nancy, Thank you again for inspiration and the permission to dream a real dream.  Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration! ~Kitty~

Note From Jim Cockrum… a very well known and trusted Internet Entrepreneur:

“It is so sweet of you, Nancy to say these things and send me the video!  I’m blessed to have you in my life!  Thanks so much for including me in your success story.  I loved watching this video!  (Mind if I use it?)  Thanks Nancy,” ~Jim~

Link to the Video:  ~


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