Are You An Artisan?

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Are You An Artisan?

Beautiful necklace from an ArtisanDo you think you are an artisan?  An artisan is an upscale, fancy term for all types of crafters, hobbyists, and true artists.

It has come to my attention lately, that so many of you who read my newsletters, buy my products on wreath-making, and are friends on Facebook, are really artisans at heart.

Many of you already practice, and sell your creations, while others of you work silently in your home making beautiful, beautiful things with your own two hands.  But then, you might only give your gently crafted treasures as gifts.  You hesitate to venture out into the world of an “artisan” because of your fear of rejection.



I Am An Artisan. Any Type of Craft Makes YOU An Artisan Also!



The hand-painted sign above was designed by an artisan.  The beautiful wreath below designed by me, makes me an artisan, and a crafter — just as many of you!

Take a look at the loops and curls of the freshly harvested honeysuckle vine below looped in and around the center of this wreath.  And the sweet bird perched in its nest is so real looking.  The tiny ladybug crawling up the side of the honeysuckle makes you wonder where she is on her way to.  Birds love berries so, many clusters of berries as well as fresh green sheet moss further enhances this wreath.  Yes, I certainly am an “artisan”!

Door Wreath With Honeysuckle, Bird & Nest, and Berries

I Know You’re Wondering What Point I’m Making, Right?



If you were not limited by time, health and, for some of you, perhaps a low self-image, what would your dream look like?  Have you ever let yourself dream that the creations you love to create could be set loose in the marketplace?  That things you dearly love to create with your own hands could be of value to others?



Is it that you don’t know where to start?  Or maybe that you think your artistic talent isn’t good enough?  Or… maybe you do self-talk saying:  “I could never do that; I can’t accomplish that; I’m not smart enough to sell my treasures.”

Maybe you think you’re too young, so you’ll think about doing this later on in life when the children are older??  Maybe you say, I’m really busy working at a job that I don’t like, and it totally wears me out, so maybe when I retire??  Then, when you retire, all of the sudden it seems that you’re too old to start a new career.  So, what happened to actually making a living by dreaming your dream and doing exactly what you would LOVE to do?



But, I am here to tell you that I am living proof of this fact:  “I KNOW You Can Do It!”.  I am almost 62 years old, and my career, right now, although already amazing, is still in its beginning stages.

I started out on my own with no instruction, no encouragement, and a lot of (behind my back) remarks from people who thought I was really “off my rocker”.  Why?  Because I wanted to do what no one else that I’d ever personally known had done, by building a very successful Internet business.

I do now have help — lots of it!  I have a partner, an assistant, I have mentors I can call when I need them.  I have a coach, and I always can figure out where to find the right information.  It was only a few short years ago that I had none of that — but I still made it!



Step out of your comfort zone and fly… I am here to tell you that amazingly, awesome things await!


PS:  We are helping artisans every day in Best of Nancy learn how to sell their creations online.  To learn more, go to


10 Responses

  1. I have trouble saying that I am an artist. Thanks for encouraging us. I love studying your wreaths, watching your video clips and reading and rereading the free ebook. I just finished a wreath for our gift shop that is influenced by your style. Your designs express such freedom. In addition to making wreaths, I also hand paint glassware and children’s gifts for our shop. At 63 and still working full time as a school teacher, I am praying that I will be able to retire after this year so that I can devote much more time to creating. (I am asking Santa for some of your videos for Christmas.) Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

    1. Well, Lois, you are DEFINITELY an artist! You have a gift which has come through the desire God placed in your heart, so I definitely Know You Can Do It!

      I am so happy to have been able to influence you in your wreath making. I want you to feel free to put whatever you want in your designs. The more you make, the free-er you will become with your thoughts and ideas.
      Sounds like at 63 your dreams are just starting to lead you to a new career! Congratulations — I am behind you all the way!
      Tell Santa, I’m very good at giving suggestions… lol
      Thanks for the comments and for visiting today!
      Smiles… Nancy

  2. I , too, needed to hear this. It’s one of my dreams that I don’t take time for, always something that needs to be done before I can start crafting. I am looking forward to reading what you have to say. You are very inspirational. Thank you

  3. Thank you again for inspiration and the permission to dream a real dream. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!

  4. Nancy, I have been under a lot of stress lately,this email brough tears to my eyes. Yes, I know I can do it,and look forward to Fridays for your encouragement!! Many changes are going on in my life right now,and this is a relaxing time for me to create. Thank you many times over for your support,this wk’s letter hit the spot for me.You are a blessing!


    1. Awww… Elaine, you are such a talented lady. You and I both know you CAN do it. I am more than happy to encourage you to reach your dreams.

      Keep me posted on what you’re doing, okay?

      xxo Nancy

  5. wow you were surely talking to me today,i am one that says,I can’t do this,afraid of failure,and afraid of the unknown,I do make things for me and my family,but afraid to do it for others for am afraid of rejection and not being good enough,thank you for speaking to me today,love ya Nancy

    1. I have been there Phyllis. I was speaking the words I needed years ago. I know they are true! I know dreams can come true!

      You CAN do it. It’s time to spread your wings Phyllis!

      Smiles… Nancy

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