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Has this happened to you lately? You head into your kitchen, your hungry family ready to eat and realize that you are missing a key ingredient to create the dish you had planned? Or you set out to bake a glorious 3 layer birthday cake only to realize you forgot to buy butter? Most everyone can relate to frustrations in the kitchen! But to me, there is nothing more frustrating than heading to my workshop, inspired and excited to create something beautiful, and realizing that I’m out of those gorgeous stems of white cherry blossoms or chevron ribbon that must go into the wreath I’m ready to create!

Thankfully These Frustrations Never Happen to me!

My workshop is fully stocked with every Ladybug Certified item I need to create our gorgeous wreaths! From top quality ribbons, to floral stems of every color, this site is fully stocked with everything you need to create gorgeous floral wreaths! My exclusive wild birch wreath bases are also available on this site.   With over 30 years of experience in the floral and interior design world, I know what quality materials look like.


I Buy Only The Best!

Sharing design tips and equipping you to create beautiful wreaths are my passion, so Ladybug Certified represents my greatest gift I can give you! There you will find a collection of materials that meet my high standards! And you will find great tools to equip you and teach you to make wreaths!

As you browse thru the wonderful stems and ribbons, spend some time picking out your favorite how-to DVD that will teach you how to make a beautiful wreath! We have so many to choose from! “Summer Daze” and “Ribbons and Bows” are two of my favorites!

Today, for everyone who has signed up to my newsletter list on, I offered a coupon discount code saving them 10% on one-time purchases!  Make sure you go to Ladybug Certified, and fill in your name and email address so you’ll be ready for the next exclusive discount on ALL of our items at Ladybug Certified!

This offer is for a limited time only so make sure you don’t miss it!


Nancy Alexander

President at Ladybug Wreaths
Overcoming Fibromyalgia & Celiac I Now Teach Others to Make Door Wreaths & Sell Them on the Internet!

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