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Let’s Get Organized & Keep Our Sanity!

3 Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Wreaths
Supplies Organized and stored

After a busy and amazing Christmas season at Ladybug Wreaths, my workshop was in complete disarray! It was hard to walk around, not to mention get any work done! Half used spools of ribbon were piled in every open space, ornaments were tossed into different sized boxes and the glitter, let me tell you, the glitter covered every nook and cranny! The task was too large for one person to tackle, so my sons and their wives worked alongside me for two days pulling all the Christmas supplies out of the shop, organizing them, and restoring order to my work space!

I would love to share with you what we did to get organized and what I learned along the way! It doesn’t matter what sized space you work in or how many supplies you have leftover that need to be stored, keeping it organized will not only help with your sanity (it’s so frustrating when you can’t find a particular stem and you know it’s in there somewhere!), but will also help you make smart financial decisions for the future (more about that in tip 3).

Take a sneak peek into my newly organized attic!
As you can see, the side stickers identify that these
boxes are supplies for my shop! 


1. The right sized, CLEAR, storage containers make all the difference!  You can’t keep up with all of your supplies unless you can see them! It is so frustrating to be in the middle of a wreath and not be able to find a particular stem that you know you have and need to use! So, don’t waste your time buying plastic storage containers that aren’t clear! As artists, we are visual people and being able to see your supplies will help you keep up with them better!

While organizing that day, we quickly found that long glittery stems could be stored together, but needed an extra long box to do it. (Ficus leaves do too!) Floral stems (like poinsettias) went into one box together while ornaments found a home in another large clear container. Christmas ribbons went into a separate container. You might find it helpful to break up your organizing into a couple days, so you can pull everything out, sort them into categories and then go purchase the right size containers that you will need.

2. Label everything! I had several spools of leftover ribbon that will work beautifully for the 2015 Christmas season, but I needed a way to store them efficiently! I found small, clear plastic containers that would hold all of the ribbon and stuck large white sticker labels on the outside of the box. In fact, we put the sticker labels on two sides of each container. Then we carefully wrote on each label, so no matter how the boxes would be stored in my attic, it will be easy to identify what’s in each box when it’s time to pull them out again!

If you have multiples of different types of ribbon, be sure to write the quantities along with a brief description of each ribbon. This will help when you are ordering supplies for 2015 Christmas, which leads me to tip number 3…

3. Staying organized with past Christmas supplies will help you from over ordering for the coming Christmas season. As we were sorting and pulling out supplies, I was shocked to find 3 bins full of Christmas supplies that I had simply overlooked and forgotten that I owned! The boxes contained wreath supplies leftover from the 2013 Christmas season that had been packed away without any labeling on the boxes.

Because of my oversight, I missed the opportunity to use what I already had in stock and instead ordered additional supplies spending more money than needed. As you can see from my organizing experience, I have learned from this costly mistake and won’t let that happen again!

Here are photos from my workshop!  I always enjoy having my ribbons
organized as I’m working on wreaths for all seasons!

My ribbons, flowers and greens are arranged in such a way
that I can easily see access them! Did you notice the assortment of plastic
containers on my shelves? I purposefully did not label those boxes since they
aren’t in storage and contain current supplies that I am using on a daily basis!

P1150241 - RESIZE

I also love hanging my greens off the shelves which run across the entire end
of my studio.  I have them hanging off in such as way as to be able to see the tops
of exactly what I want.  Then, there is no more digging for supplies!


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