Teaching Artisans how to Make beautiful wreaths and Sell them on Etsy for extra income!

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I”m Nancy Alexander,

Wreath Designer, Etsy Expert, Artisan, Teacher, Published Author, Coach, Entrepreneur & Dreamer.

Wreath makers & crafters love what they do but don’t know where or how to sell online. “Nancy’s Inner Circle” is loaded with videos which teach Artisans how to design & perfect beautiful wreaths. And “Etsy Intensives Training” will teach you how to sell these beautiful wreaths on Etsy to bring in extra income.


Learn everything ‘Wreath Making’
in Nancy’s Inner Circle

Learn how to optimize your Etsy shop to bring in more income.

Etsy is the place to sell your handmade, artistic items online. Nancy, known as “The Etsy Queen”, has filmed videos which teach you how to take photos of your products. She also shows you how to find the correct keywords which optimize titles and tags. You’ll also learn how to write your own product descriptions that customers can’t turn down. 
Note: product descriptions increased Nancy’s sales considerably as she grew a successful business while learning what her customers wanted.

Learn to create your own wreath style with Nancy – The Wreath Lady.

Published books and countless instructional and timeless, how-to videos teach you the basics in wreath & floral design. After learning these basics you’ll quickly create your own beautiful styles and designs like she has. 

The best crafting resources save you time & money in Nancy’s exclusive “My Secret Vendors” list.

Nancy’s secret vendor list has led thousands of would-be designers to the best supplies with lowest prices. Nancy has tested and vetted honest suppliers with great products and reasonable pricing. She even shares her FAVORITE vendor that she orders thousands of dollars from each year!  You’ll certainly enjoy using the exact same supplies Nancy uses herself. 

Learn wreath-making and so much more with Nancy’s eBooks.

These eBooks will not only teach you wreath design but warn you what to watch for when going to market the very first time. You’ll be prepared so that you’ll never be taken advantage of as Nancy was when she first began.

You will learn how to sell on ETSY

How to rely on an online business when you can’t work outside your home

The Pandemic has made many artisans realize they don’t have to depend on jobs outside the home. They’re blessed with talents & gifts which make it easy to sell their hand-made products online to bring in much needed income. You shouldn’t have to depend on a 9 to 5 job… or even a storefront business or craft shows for income.

Etsy is perfect for beginners as well as experienced sellers

If you’ve never sold from home Etsy is the PERFECT platform to sell your products online! Even if you already sell from home, craft shows, word of mouth or on Facebook, an Etsy shop is the BEST way to expand your business by selling online.

You may say: “I can’t compete with all the traffic on Etsy.”

That’s exactly why you DO want to sell on Etsy! You just need to set yourself apart from others while taking advantage of all the traffic visiting Etsy every day. Nancy can show you how to do that.

Etsy’s fees are GREAT compared to other online selling platforms

Etsy fees are the most reasonable you’ll find online today!  Listing fees are only $0.20 per item. Transaction fees are only 6.5% of the price your sell your item for. You can chose to pay for advertising or promotional fees on Etsy as needed.

Learn How to Monetize the Hobby You Love

Learning from Me doesn’t just apply to learning to sell florals or wreaths online, it applies to ALL “Artisans” selling all types of Arts and Crafts.

Me and my Inner Circle are here to help!  You can work on growing your business and even adding different streams of income like I have. In the Inner Circle, you’ll not only have access to me but many others just like yourself.  It’s more like a close community of peers who really care about each other; so different from many membership groups… I’m sure you’ll love it and fit right in as you learn more about selling online!

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