After Overcoming Fibromyalgia & Celiac Disease,
I Now Help Others Make Door Wreaths to
Sell on the Internet!

My name is Nancy Alexander.  I am a "Southern Girl" born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina.  As an artisan, I am truly a self-taught designer who found I had a real love and talent for floral design and use of color many, many years ago.  

I am also a dreamer, filled with a desire to touch and help others as they reach for their own dreams.  God put this desire in my heart for a reason; one I don't want to miss as He speaks to me in His still, small voice. I want to make a difference in "your" life.  I want you to realize that you have a gift, and that this gift is such an amazing thing – never to be ignored.  

As an entrepreneur,  I am also a published author, a public speaker, and a teacher.  I have been named; a world-renowned wreath-maker… because, I have always loved making beautiful & uniquely different wreaths.   I am in awe that I have been blessed with many "artsy" and creative talents in my life.  

I'm blessed to have married the man of my dreams, Steve, forty-two years ago.  I am totally in love with God, my husband, and my family.   Our sons, Matt & Andy and their beautiful wives, Sara and Stephanie have given us four "Amazing Grandchildren"!  We get to see them often as Andy, Sara & Stephanie are all part of the "team" which runs my businesses.  

God is my strength, my peace, and my courage.  He has brought me through many trials which led me to be able to love, encourage and teach many of you – artisans as you may be fighting your way their way through your own chronic illnesses and trials.   I believe mercy, grace, joy and love are the most important things we can give and receive in this life.  And I am humbled and grateful as God continually "breaks my heart" for others.  

I love being an artist

I love making door wreaths, going to yard sales, painting and distressing old furniture, and working in my garden.  I also love teaching others how to find their talent so they may design their own beautiful wreaths through the workshops we host in my studio!  Anything made with your own hands can be such an exciting and fulfilling hobby!     God has so richly blessed me with JOY and His GRACE.  

I found my passion and talent designing & making door wreaths almost thirty-five years ago.  This led me to purchase an upscale floral design business in my hometown.  During the time I owned "The Straw Basket", mySo Blessed to be Married to the Love of my Life! business expanded into multiple locations with as many as eight employees at one time. 

This was fun, it was hard work, and stressful, because the entire time, I was fighting a debilitating, chronic illness.   I am fighting to overcome Fibromyalgia and Celiac Disease so I have the opportunity to teach others.  I receive so much joy watching my students learn to make and sell their own wreaths through my coaching site. 

My life has been guided by my health — or lack thereof.  I became sick when I was twenty-eight years old with two small children.  No one knew what was wrong, especially the many doctors I put my trust in over the years.  I spent around five years in bed, and then couldn't even drive a car for almost five years.  I was in severe pain praying every day that God would heal me; I prayed that He would lead me to a diagnosis, and I prayed for my family who were impacted and suffering from my illness just as I was.  

My prayers were answered in God's timing

Nancy Alexander, Ladybug WreathsI struggled and fought my way back; but His timing for me was almost thirty years later.  These years were a mixture of prayer, research, studying, lots of tears, and many doctors.  I tried all the drugs they prescribed as I prayed this one would be the cure.  Meanwhile, I was having unexplained, severe reactions to almost every drug which was tried, leaving me again with no answer. 

There were seasons when I was better with no explanation as to why.  Those times, I made up for lost time as I worked sixty to seventy hours a week.  Then, as I paid for being so anxious to work hard, came times I could hardly get out of bed.  

Finally in 2002, Steve and I knew it was time for me to close my business.  I could no longer handle the work-load and the stress.  We were building a new home at the time, and Steve insisted we design and build a spacious, custom studio right across the breezeway.  I didn't know if I would ever be able to use that beautiful space for my gift of design, but I was always hopeful.  

During this time, I kept reading and studying anything I could find on the Internet about my symptoms, as well as doing my own research as to which supplements might make a difference in my life.  My own research began to pay off.  I began to improve.  I began to work again.  Oh, I was far from being well, but the changes for me were significant.  

I'd never sold anything online before; I was determined

It was hard as i started to learn about eBay.  I had no experience, no help, and very little knowledge about selling online.  But I read and studied everything I could get my hands on for an entire month. Then, spent the next three months learning how to promote and sell my wreaths on the Internet. Finally, I was ready to list wreaths.  

The very first e-Book I ever purchased or read was written by Jim Cockrum, the most trusted, and well-known Internet Entrepreneur online today. Jim is now a dear friend and mentor. His first book, "The Silent Sales Machine" helped me as I was researching how to sell my wreaths effectively. I enjoy being a member of both of his coaching sites: My Silent Team, and Offline Biz. 

Proven Amazon Course, Jim's latest & greatest program has trained Steve and I to grow our business in the direction of Amazon as we are selling all of the popular supplies I love using in my wreaths.   Jim's world-wide "best-selling" book, "FREE Marketing 101" has a section about me and my success. Jim and I have talked quite often about "Divine Appointments", and the fact that I believe he was sent into my life to encourage, teach, and inspire me; while Jim says I inspire him more than he inspires me.  

Soon, things really began to happen!  Ladybug Wreaths was born

I already knew how to make door wreaths — beautiful ones!  They began to sell.  My online reputation was growing very quickly.  In a few short months, I became a "Power Seller" on eBay.  Soon I had my own website, and we were shipping wreaths all over the world.  

As my business grew, so did my faith in God, and my determination to finally get a diagnosis.  I had begun to suspect what it was from my research on the computer, so I made myself an appointment with a specialist at a large women's hospital in a nearby town.  She confirmed my suspicions — I was suffering from a very severe, chronic case of Fibromyalgia.  

Several years more passed with many ups and downs in my health as my Internet business flourished.  Then, about seven years ago, I was led (by "Divine Appointment" again) to a marvelous Nutritionist who has literally saved my life!   She also found that I had been born with Celiac Disease.  That is what caused my Fibromyalgia as well as various other health problems.  

Chronic illnesses are a severe problem.  Pain was the main focus of my life for so long (and still sometime is).  It colored the way I thought and felt, and reacted to the world around me.  If I had not received help from this amazing, caring doctor when I did, I probably would not be here today, or would most certainly be in a wheel chair.  

Having said all of this, I feel my goal or mission in my life is to make a difference in the lives of others by teaching them a hobby or business that makes a difference; a hobby that gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning; one that wakes you up with such a start of anticipation that you just cannot lie in bed, no matter how badly you feel.

I want your brain to start spinning with excitement, energizing your body in such a way that you cannot wait to work on your special project for the day!  I want to encourage you to appreciate the beauty found around you in a smile, in nature, and in those who are dear to you as you learn how to make a door wreath.

YOU CAN DO THIS – has been my slogan!  Even in my weakest, darkest times, I could find a few minutes, then a few hours, and then even days when I could get my mind on something fun and exciting, which then made the energy follow!  Yes, Yes, YOU certainly CAN do this too!  Philippians 4:13 says:  "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me".  And, thanks to "Him" I finally can!    

A friend, Molly wrote this in her blog, it expresses my thoughts and feelings in an amazing way:

"By picking up the pieces of a broken life and putting them back together, a person cannot help but be changed. This change is a beautiful thing that results in a deeper understanding of others and their situations, and gives us a chance to share our experiences with them, showing them that there is a way out — a light at the end of the tunnel." "I believe that I have not just been broken, but put back together by God in a beautiful way — a way that I could have never imagined on my own"


I am blessed…

…every time I look into my husband's eyes and see how much he cherishes me.  I am blessed when our home is filled with our boys, their wives, and our four precious grandchildren running around calling, "Mimi comeMarried for 42 years to the man of my dreams. outside and play with me."  "Mimi, do you have a surprise for me?"  "Mimi, read me a story."

Yes, I still have Fibromyalgia, and will always have Celiac Disease.  I eat exactly what I should eat on my Celiac diet.  I take supplements my Dr. says will help and even cure my body.  We are SO blessed!  Please let me encourage and teach you to do something in your life which will bring a smile along with a sense of accomplishment!  And, together… "We Will Sing Until The Whole World Hears…"

PS:  Steve and I attend the fastest growing church in the United States,, in Anderson, SC.  Just recently, Steve and I were honored to be asked to sing in the choir at our church.  New Spring now has eight locations, and services are broadcast all over the world.  Just this past Easter, 29,000 people attended services at New Spring (that is not counting thousands more watching online through podcasts), and over 1,000 were saved!

So, as we were so honored to be asked to sing in a choir of 25 to 30 people since New Spring only has a choir once to twice a year.  Sure, I was nervous knowing how many people we would be singing in front of, and I normally am not a "singer" like my husband.  But, I sang to praise my Lord and Savior — I sang only to "Him"!

You'll never guess the name of the song we sang…"OVERCOME"!